I am Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Political Economy in the King's College London Department of Political Economy and a Visiting Research Fellow at the International Inequalities Institute at the London School of Economics (LSE).

Prior to joining King’s, I was a post-doctoral researcher at the LSE International Inequalities Institute.

I received my PhD in Political Science from the LSE in 2017, where I was supervised by David Soskice and Dominik Hangartner.

My research fields are comparative political economy, political behaviour, and macroeconomics.

My current areas of interest include: taxing the rich; inequality and redistribution; varieties of capitalism and growth models; the knowledge economy; and the politics of macroeconomic policies.

For more information on my joint research with Julian Limberg on taxing the rich, see our joint website taxrich.uk

Latest research

Why Do (Some) Ordinary Americans Support Tax Cuts for the Rich? Evidence From a Randomized Survey Experiment

with Julian Limberg (KCL) and Nina Weber (KCL)

Under Review

King's College London, Department of Political Economy, QPE Working Paper, 2021-36.

The Economic Consequences of Major Tax Cuts for the Rich

Socio-Economic Review, 2022, with Julian Limberg (KCL)

Working paper version: London School of Economics, International Inequalities Institute, Working Paper, No. 55 (available here).